In the Mood for Fall

September 6, 2018

I have heard quite a few people saying how ready they are to enjoy some Fall weather!

The changes that come with a new season and Fall in particular are pretty exciting, and in the Midwest Fall is quite spectacular, for sure my favorite season here in the States.

My first time back in the States was around this time of year and I remember going with my super crafty cousin to @michaelsstores to shop for projects for her students and the smell in that store was often of cinnamon, pumpkin and pine cones and to me that was how America smelled…isn’t it funny how our brain works? Or maybe, my brain works I should say!

Nonetheless, years went by from the time I’ve first moved to US and started my life outside Detroit Michigan leaving behind the rainy and humid days of Fall in Rome, and to this day I still make connections to this country when I see or think of Fall and anything that relates to this season as per the beautiful colors of Nature and the apple picking, cider mills, pumpkins, apple pies topped with vanilla ice cream, the Midwest crispy air, bright falling leaves and much more.

We have gathered a few photos we love and inspire us during this beautiful time of year, hope you enjoy them!

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