Addiction to Pillows!

February 22, 2014

Yes I do, I do have an addiction to pillow covers, I can’t help it! The past few days I’ve been getting so many emails and catalogs in the mail with new spring accessories and patterns and fresh colors…my head is spinning for the excitment!


“New” to me  also means that most of the pillows advertised in the past few months are on sale to leave room for new collections and I am so trilled; I get to shop and not feel guilty to purchase things with a full price tag!


The easiest and less expensive way to change the look of a space is by arranging new colors and new combination of patterns. Pillow covers have both potentials that translate to affordable quick changes. I picked few of my favorite so far, I hope this fixation is contagious and that all of you are going to go out shopping for pillows today!

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