Go-to-Accent Tables

January 26, 2016

How often are you ready to change the look of your home by adding or moving things around? Sometime all you need is one new piece that can be styled to create a focal point and turn into the conversation piece of the room!

When you can finally make that change then you want to be sure to purchase what can easily be added to an existing space that is not ready for a complete make-over. We have put together a selection of our favorite accent pieces, our go-to-tables that work well with many styles and layouts for you hitching to make a change!

Just a click away to refresh your home…happy shopping!



Matchstick by HD Buttercup

Matchstick table by Four Hands available at HD Buttercup

Bosco magazine rack table

Bosco magazine rack table by Four Hands available at The Khazana Home furnishing


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