It’s All About the Process…

October 18, 2013

1. Make (something) look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it.
synonyms: ornament, adorn, trim, embellish, garnish, furnish, enhance, grace,

Okay, I know kicking off a post with an entry from Webster’s dictionary is probably not the most exciting intro, but you have to start somewhere. I looked up the definition of decorate because I’ve never been fond of the title ‘interior decorator’, it just sounds like someone who specializes in hanging garlands or party balloons; but I guess words like furnish or enhance are actually quite accurate (I am not fond of prettify…).

I like design better because it sounds like a process – the act of really making a house a home. It’s getting rid of what you don’t need and keeping what you do, finding the pieces that give your space life and personality – and mostly making it functional and efficient. Designing a space means analyzing the technical aspects of the space – the layout, the lighting, the usage, etc – and marrying the technical to the aesthetic elements – how it looks, how it feels, etc. The goal is to make you love your home – for how it looks and how it works – and the best way to do that is to figure out how you live in it, and what you love about it. So it is a process, although hopefully not a painful one.

The real fun is creating a place you want to be in, a space to hang, in whatever capacity – a beautiful open, modern space ideal for entertaining and revelry, a cozy great room where your whole extended family can cram in for thanksgiving football watching, or a serene and comfortable master suite where you can fold your laundry and watch The Good Wife (Alicia’s gorgeous Chicago high-rise apartment, by the way, is a space I would love to hang out in…)

We design in layers – color palette/overall ‘feel’, then layout and function, followed by specific pieces and finally all the details that tie the room – and the process – together. Along the way we build relationships; we are designing for our clients, not ourselves, and we love getting to know them along the way. Going forward this space is another way to make that connection; a way to share the things we find, the things we love and the things that inspire us. Maybe it’s another layer in the process or a piece of a puzzle (which is another metaphor that I’ve always equated with interior design, solving a puzzle in the best way possible). Either way, it’s a chance to get to know us a little better, and see why we love what we do.

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