Oh – Domino!

November 18, 2013

I have already confessed to being a magazine hoarder, but there is one stack of old issues that I covet above the rest – my Dominos. The design magazine tragically had a very short run, but I loved every issue, and was pretty crushed when it went out of print. They made the whole design process so accessible and relate-able, giving unique approaches to design like using a favorite outfit to create a design concept, or deriving your personal design aesthetic by identifying 10 things you love. They focused on the details that really pull a look together, and showcased beautifully designed spaces that anyone could live in. They also introduced me to a whole world of sources I hadn’t discovered yet, and helped narrow the gap between the sometimes exclusive ‘trade’ world and the non-designer who knew what they wanted but couldn’t find it.

They have lived on in the form of their website, domino.com, but for me nothing beats the printed version. I know the web route saves trees, but I just love pouring over a magazine full of new inspiration – call me a sucker but I love the presentation.

My reason for this nostalgia trip is that on a recent grocery excursion I was thrilled to spot a new issue of Domino in the check-out line, with a happy cover declaring ‘we’re back!’ It is a holiday issue, not a return to the monthly roll out they once had, but I’ll take it! I have already been through the issue a million times, and will happily add it to my stack (all the while hoping for a future return to circulation).

If you also once loved this great magazine, go grab a copy and relive the good old days – it should be around through the month of December. Feel free to also spend the rest of the day singing Van Morrison’s Domino to yourself, as I also sometimes like to do…

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