“On My List”

May 28, 2018

We are excited to launch our weekly blog series, “On My List,” which will feature a glimpse of our favorite trends. For our inaugural post, reDesign Home is highlighting the imperfect perfection of antique pottery/pots for your home.

HPMKT find

HPMKT find

Whether made of antique brass, Italian terracotta or Asian inspired, decorating with small pots adds an earthy vibe to your favorite spaces. Utilizing pots of differing colors and sizes throughout the home makes the space feel like it has been loved and decorated by owners that are well-traveled and sophisticated collectors of antiquities.

The right vintage pot makes the perfect home for a green plant. This harmonious accent is a go-to because the vibrant contrast of green against a metal or antique pot allows the beauty of the living plant to complement the stillness, well-lived beauty of the pottery.

reDesign home

To preserve the natural beauty of our pots, reDesign home likes to purchase small plants/greenery planted in plastic, which are then simply set inside the antique pottery. This convenience allows easy removal of the plant for watering and maintenance and easy switching of greenery based on your mood and/or the season.


Once you’ve selected your antique pots and green plants/flowers, it’s time to style your home. These beautiful yet simple creations are the perfect accent for your coffee table, console table, kitchen island, countertop, open shelves, bathroom counters, and even on bedroom nightstands. The loveliness is that this accent is welcome virtually anywhere you wish.



While the splendor of an antique pot is in the eye of the beholder, brass is on the top of our list. That’s because the bronze will patina over time, which adds to its character and gives it a long-lived vibe. Because of this, the brass often appears as alive as the plant it is hosting.

Want to shop this look? Here are some of our go-to resources for antique pots.


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