April 4, 2018

We love designing pantries because they are the perfect way to efficiently utilize space in an existing area. Even more fun is to design a pantry connected to the heart of the home – the kitchen – featuring fun elements that pop against the adjacent space. Pantries are a complementary finishing touch in every home and provide the chance to showcase unique details that very well may become a showstopper.

As we both love to cook, eat, entertain and be in our kitchens, we are never short of ideas when it comes to kitchen and pantry design. In fact, our wheels are always spinning when it comes to this topic! Even more fun is the challenge of designing a pantry in a constricted space, and making it feel bigger than it may look on paper.

Over the years we’ve found that kitchen and pantry design projects allow us to connect very deeply with our clients. Learning your wants and needs about this space – the heart of your home – allows us to connect in an intimate way that delivers a very personalized final result.

Pantries are a must when it comes to our designs. In truth, we prefer smaller kitchens with pantries to more spacious kitchens without them. This small element delivers big benefits, such as allowing the kitchen counters to remain clutter free – allowing the heart of your home to feel balanced and peaceful. A pantry is the perfect place to store small appliances, limit clutter and simplify your counters and cabinets, thereby giving you more flexibility and freedom in your kitchen.

Truth be told, a pantry can be an entity to itself. But our designs tend to utilize the same color family as the kitchen for fluidity. The pantry is the perfect place to splurge on pricey tiles or to utilize expensive and unique cabinetry on a smaller scale. As for the pantry design, we love inclusion of these design elements: use of three walls (in a perfect scenario); open shelves that make it easy to see and grab whatever you need; bright lighting; the addition of a ladder or stepstool for improved functionality; and the use of a pocket, barn or French doors.

“I’ll admit that I’m addicted to clean and decluttered spaces… but that’s because I was raised by a working mom who not only had a full-time job but who also managed to keep the house spotless, kids well fed and clean, while also keeping everything in control. On Saturdays, she’d kick my siblings, my dad and me out of the house to run errands so she could flip mattresses, organize closets, do laundry and get some fresh pasta dough ready for dinner. When your kitchen and pantry are designed in a way that yields effortless tidiness and organization, you too can maintain control over your everyday life.”

We are featuring pantries designed in the past by reDesign home and pantries that are inspiring us for the new designs we are working on.


reDesign home via HOUZZ

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reDesign home

reDesign home

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