Reorganize Revise Renew Redo

January 10, 2014

We have all been through that time in our life when everything in our home looked mismatched, chaotic or old and lived-in.

I wonder if that scenario was the beginning of the ‘shabby-chic’ or ‘vintage’ trend!

It is something you cannot always control, something that you wish you could change but instead becomes a cycle that keeps on repeating itself from generation to generation.

Just out of school or on your own for the first time, we all have few dollars to spend; we are focusing on what our life is going to be like and how we will manage to make a living, and as a result our living arrangements tend to ‘suffer’ for a bit. Usually it starts with your parents and grandparents trying to help you out and passing along furniture pieces that have been around for decades and that are in such good condition, it would be a shame to get rid off.

You acquire things from friends,  family members, and neighbors, as well as a your own contributions along the way, and you end up trying to piece together a puzzle that brings headaches and frustration.

In my own experience I have tried to embrace what has become a reDesign home motto:

  • Reorganize: because there is always a way to rearrange things to make your existing furniture/accessories look new.
  • Revise: anything is possible with a bit of imagination! Be creative and come up with new ways to utilize your existing pieces.
  • Renew: take a piece you already have and give it new life!  Who says that you have to start from scratch – transform the look of one of your ‘hand-me-downs’ and make it fit with your evolved space and lifestyle.
  • Redo: create your ‘new’ living space by adding your personality and your take on what your parents old bench could look in your 2014 home!




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