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June 4, 2018

Did you know? The main historical wallpaper techniques as per hand-painting, woodblock printing, stenciling, and various types of machine-printing all date back to before 1700!

No wonder to some, wallpaper evokes memories of Grandma’s house, or it makes you think of a very specific Victorian-style house outfitted with bold, striped velvet and etoile designs. Perhaps it even brings to mind a mom-and-pop restaurant!

Sometime clients are reluctant to make such a commitment when it comes to wallpaper but we do often include it in our design recommendations! There is no question that wallpaper is a long-lasting décor decision compared to selecting a paint color. But at reDesign Home we love wallpaper and love what wallpaper can do for your space – since in the past few years the industry developed more design choices than ever we have no doubt that there is a product out there that is right for any client!

Wallpaper has the power to make a statement in any room. We generally recommend its use in select small areas, such as powder rooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, feature walls, or small portions of walls that also feature millwork (such as wainscoting), which allows it to feel less overwhelming while still packing a design punch. Our preferred style is grasscloth and textured patterns!

With an ever-growing list of talented textile designers, our favorites being The Detroit Wallpaper Co, Westfall & Kitson, Farrow & Ball, Phillip Jeffries, and Schumacher collections – there are many wallcoverings to choose from.
These textiles are offered in a range of color tones and patterns, which can also be easily cleaned. We adore the fabulous The Detroit Wallpaper Co for its unique ability to customize any of its patterns, as well as the pattern scale and color. This offers to our clients a truly one-of-a-kind option for their home.

If you are still not convinced that wallpaper is right for you, “peel-and-stick” wallcovering may be your best bet. Thanks to a unique formulation, this new, durable wallpaper option is self-adhesive, easily removed, and can be repositioned many times. It is also rip, crease and tear resistant, improving ease of use.

When it comes to wallpaper selection, reDesign Home recommends to clients these guidelines:
1. Introduce bold patterns when wall space allows for a good visual of the complete pattern
2. Maintain a small-pattern scale in confined spaces
3. Select a textile color that complements the home’s overall vibe and style
4. Have fun with it!

The writing is on the wall: wallpaper is an easy yet elegant way to highlight a space without disrupting the flow of a home. So, don’t be reluctant to choose a pattern you love and make a statement.

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