Steel and Glass Doors

August 21, 2018

Steel and Glass doors have become a trend after been applied in many designs for commercial and residential spaces! We have also noticed the many options for this perfect combo been introduced in different design styles and love how can easily be paired with many interior and exterior finishes, no wonder we are in LOVE with Steel and Glass doors!

What’s not to like? Steel and glass…a material that can deliver strong vibe paired with a delicate contrast as per the glass! Also, the versatile application of both materials create that perfect pairing for any designer out there ready to create the next good looking interior!

We are currently working on custom steel and glass doors for projects that are featuring a great mix of old+new, which is indeed our favorite way of designing spaces!

Take a look at the amazing work completed by talented designers and Master of welding that have been inspiring us and our clients to this day.

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