Story of a Nightstand

December 3, 2013

Have you ever wondered how your house could look if you had the budget to purchase brand new furniture, accessories and so forth? Have you also wondered how high the bill would be at the end of your shopping spree? And after all of that, would you be happy with the end result? Would you love the new space and would you feel connected to anything in that beautiful room?

I’m nostalgic and love stories, especially true stories…therefore I can never pass on the opportunity to introduce in my designs objects that reflect my clients’ personality and stories, or my own, when it comes to decorating  my home.

Most of the time I like to rearrange furniture and accessories around the house and try out new layouts to see what fits best with my family lifestyle as it grows in number and age! Many of our clients have the same needs as ours so it is easy to identify ourselves in them and propose solutions.

On my master bedroom renovation I was looking for nightstands; I wanted both to be squared shape and quite large in size. I was lucky to find a great sale event on “Joss and main” and purchased a set of 3 nesting tables (but ended up using only 2 to make the nightstand look less bulky).


Then I needed nightstand #2, obviously different from nightstand #1 to make my life a little more complicated, and I wanted to have a story to tell about the piece. Nothing gets me more motivated than searching for a special piece that I can customize to fit my idea, so on a fun family trip to Grand Rapids visiting friends I went on a hunt for nightstand #2. My friend Mandy took me to many antique shops; it was fun and I loved the feeling of jumping in the past while looking at many different pieces…as I mentioned, I get nostalgic!

From many, one particular piece stole my hart! There it was, seating outside covered in an inch of dust, smelling like wet towels and mold…my unique trunk that I will use as nightstand #2!Trunk on display at the antique shopTrunk on display at the antique shop20130720_175648476_iOS20130720_175630591_iOS20130720_175645026_iOS

As I always do, I tried to bargain for a lower price and after cutting $30 from the initial price tag the trunk was on its way to get refinished!

Couldn’t have done it without the help of my favorite furniture restorer Luann; she looked at me wondering if I was in the right set of mind to consider “the smelly trunk” as a nightstand but my excitement made her believe in me.

trunk under construction

When looking for pieces think outside the box! Look further, take your time and have a vision for your future project. You can accomplish so much by spending less and getting what you need by adding a story to tell!!!

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