Swivel Chair

July 19, 2018

It is late at night, kids are finally sleeping and I am going over the overflowing mail box in order to answer to clients, vendors and people that maybe wondering if I will ever come back to the States! The answer is soon, soon enough, and although I know it is time to go, I have that feeling of wanting to stay home. But…as I said before, my mailbox reminds me that I have too many things to get done and to enjoy the last few days of semi-vacay before heading back to reality!

I was reviewing some space planning and furniture selections for a couple of projects and realized that we do introduce to many of our layouts swivel chairs, especially in family rooms, playroom areas, studies and in tricky spots as per corners by fireplaces.

Why?! Well, I believe that swivel chairs provide the best of both worlds: style and functionality! A swivel, spinney or revolving chair is a chair with a single central leg that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right and can provide easy change of scenery for whom is sitting on the chair whether he/she is reading, watching TV or chatting with people in the room.

Also, while sourcing new swivel chair options I came across a bit of history on The first swivel chair (thanks Wikipedia!)…did you know that The swivel chair was invented by Thomas Jefferson? He heavily modified the Windsor chair and incorporated top and bottom parts connected by a central iron spindle, enabling the top half known as the seat, to swivel on casters of the type used in rope-hung windows. It had no wheels.

Jefferson’s swivel chair is purported to be the chair he sat upon when he drafted the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776!!

Going back to modern days, have you seen the variety of swivel chair available out there? If not, take a look at what we have included into our preferred list #OnMyListRDH covering Traditional, Transitional, Mid-century Modern and Contemporary styles!


Swivel Wing Chair by Four Hands


Bridgette Lounge Chair with Flange by Gabby Home


Banks Swivel by Four Hands


1950s Italian shelter arm by RH


Cali St. Claire by Horchow


EOS swivel Chair by Room and Board


Swivel Chair by Jonathan Adler


Swivel Chair by Kelly Wearstler

Huxley Swivel by Lawson and Fenning


Luke swivel and recliner by RH


Roar + Rabbit by West Elm



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