June 27, 2014

I do love to travel, give me an excuse, any excuse and I'll be on the first flight out of Detroit! I always felt the need to "escape" from my routine every now and then. I just can't help it, I do love to visit new places and change scenery from time to time. The past few days have been great. I've got the opportunity to travel to Boston Massachusetts to see my cousin graduating with a PhD from Harvard and I have spent time with family. Harvard graduation Also, I was pleasantly surprised by knowing that our dear account manager at WayFair works across the street from the hotel I was staying in and she welcomed me into the WayFair headquarter building for a tour!! I'm sure you can all recognize the WayFair logo and many of you might have shopped on the website before. Sarah and I while working on new designs utilize different sources, one of which is Wayfair.com. Katherine took me for a tour and showed me how the WayFair team works in order to provide "a zillion things home" to anybody out there. We rely on their knowledge and service to make sure our clients get good quality products at affordable prices. one of the "display" area The set up: Different departments are located on different floors of a large concrete building in the heart of the city of Boston. When you step out the elevator each floor welcome you into a staged area with furniture and accessories available on WayFair.com. Behind the scene: the office layout of each department is divided between desks areas, computer stations and sample areas of lighting, fabrics, rugs, bedding sets, furniture and much more! Wayfair is a virtual library for many shoppers and for who is looking for inspiration wayfair.com turns into a collection of images displaying different looks to apply to your home! If we have questions about products available on wayfair.com, customer service operators provide an answer to whatever the question may be. I do rely on Kathreen when it comes to search for alternatives to my original design or when I can't find a furniture that fits my idea, I can just describe it to Kathrine and she provides options for me to revise. the wall of fame The WayFair wall of fame, how can I resist? I obviously needed to take a pic! That's a wrap! Back to the D with new inspiration to design great spaces and to plan the next trip!
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