When in Rome…

October 20, 2018

Happy Saturday morning everyone!

Lately I have noticed how many people are taking trips to Europe, Italy and specifically Rome!

My hart skips a bit every time I think of my beautiful city, for me no other place in the world compares to Her and I always look forward to my summer vacations to be back home with my family and in the places that are filled with memories from my childhood all the way I made the decision to relocate to the States for work reasons. It is quite possible that by the time a Roman ends talking about Rome a book can be written there is so much to know and discover about the Eternal City, the Capitol of the World, but I am limiting this post to a list of places to go visit and quick tips while in the city. Will dedicate more posts for additional must-know in the future!


A city like Rome has a million things to go see and do, when I walk the city streets I rarely use public transportations, sometimes the Metro but more often than not I walk and that is because I get impatient waiting at the bus stop or don’t want to be underground and miss the beauty that surrounds me, so Tip#1: When in Rome as a tourist and you don’t have to rush to school or work: walk!
Seriously, put on some comfy shoes and walk a million miles because the city is so beautiful and there is something great to see on every corner you turn!


Prepare for a long list of places to go see, don’t get overwhelmed, the list is long but the reality is that every Must-See place is connected from one to another and that it is very easy to walk by everything in matter of minutes, but if you rather spend time and visit every place reserve a few days to experience Roma.

Villa Borghese (it’s like the Central Park of Rome, but better 😬) a must see park with beautiful fountains and ruins, statues and the interior of villa Borghese is covered in marvelous affreschi and gorgeous tilework, and much more. In villa Borghese you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the terrace called il Pincio, from there you get to see an overview of Piazza del Popolo, St. Peter and much more. If you take the staircase from il Pincio down to Piazza del Popolo, then walk down via del Corso, you are in the shopping district, tons of shops! One of the most famous street with high-end shops is Via Frattina, this street will also connect you from Via del Corso to Piazza di Spagna.


On the opposite side on Piazza di Spagna, crossing Via del Corso you can also take side streets to get to Piazza Navona, Fontana di Trevi and il Pantheon

When you walk Via del Corso from Piazza del Popolo all the way down it deadens in Piazza Venezia; during the Second World War Mussolini used to give speeches to the Roman’s and the soldiers from a window facing the piazza, not that it is something we are proud of but even that is part of our modern history. From Piazza Venezia you can also admire l’Altare della Patria also known as Il Vittoriano, a building that was also nicknamed “the typewriter” due to its shape. On the same hill resides il Campidoglio , City hall where many couples have exchanges vows, my parents were married there. From Piazza del Popolo take Via dei Fori Imperiali all the way to the Colosseum also called the Anfiteatro Flavio…it is a magical walk. I am particularly attached to that street as I’ve married my husband in the Basilica of Santa Francesca Romana, a gorgeous and a must see basilica located between the Fori and the Colosseum.



when you are busy walking around town two of the quickest and delicious way to have a bite is Pizza a Taglio which is similar to the concept of grabbing a slice of pizza in New York but the pizza in Rome is cut in rectangular shape and wrapped in paper for you to easily grab and eat while continuing your walking down the street. A cool thing about Pizza a Taglio is that you decide how much or how little you want by just telling the pizzaiolo on the other side of the counter where to cut your pizza square. My favorite pizzas are: pizza con la mozzarella, pizza con le patate, pizza con le zucchine.


The other quick way to eat during the day is to walk into a bakery and ask the Baker to make a panino. My choice of bread in Rome is always the Rosetta or Pizza Bianca and the two way of filling it is with mortadella (preferably with pistachios) or mozzarella e prosciutto crudo! All of a sudden I am hungry!!!

Drink of choice a sparkling water or Chinotto


some of the shops and restaurants in Rome that I like to visit are:
“Zia Rosetta” in Rione Monti for grab and go lunch, the “fancy” way to have a panino con la rosetta!
Also in Rione Monti, the beautiful boutiques of “LOL”, there are 4 locations and they all change in style a bit, all 4 beautiful for their interiors and clothing/accessories
If you have time to seat and enjoy a bite to eat paired with delicious wine following an espresso to get you back in the mood for more adventures ,  “civico 4” in via degli zingari
Grab a few cocktails and snacks to break the day trough the Roman streets at “la Buvette”
If you are looking for a suggestive place to have dinner and enjoy the scenery walk to Piazza Campo dei Fiori, a piazza that host a market every morning, and enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant “la Carbonara” dear to me as my father-in-law hosted the rehearsal dinner for my husband and I years ago, thank you Dad Loffredo! Obviously, you must taste a plate of fresh Carbonara! A shop that combines furniture, home accessories and interior design services is Emporium Roma, just breathtaking and a place where I always like to stop and shop in!


For an evening walk and more for drinks or food, stay in Trastevere, one of the oldest Roman neighborhood or if you are up for some live music Zona Testaccio especially during summer time hosts many events.
Not that every place I mentioned is not romantic already but, if you are by the river Tevere  at sunset, when the street lights are starting to get brighter and people hurry back home for dinner, you can experience a magical walk along the river that leads you trough the city and crossing trough places as per Castel Sant’ Angelo, palazzo di Giustizia, l’Isola Tiberina, il Vaticano.


*”tips” are not something we do, are not part of our culture, but when tourist come into town people in the service industry understand that tourists usually tip, you are not obligated but if you wish to leave some as token of gratitude that is always much appreciated

**its Fall and on the street you may find street vendors with small setups where are roasting chestnuts, the smell is unbelievable and something you should try

***if you can go to the stadium for a soccer game don’t miss it, it’s an amazing experience and make sure to get tickets to seat in the Curva Sud of the stadium with the a.s.Roma fans, not Lazio 😉

Anyway, I could talk about Rome for ever and there are many more places to go see and things to experience aside of the ones I listed here but I hope this is a good start!
Enjoy your trip and take lots of photos !!

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