June 11, 2018

Paint: a single word with limitless options. It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 paint colors exist, which may overwhelm the process of paint color selection of your home. Add to this color wheel the varying finishes available, from flat to eggshell to matte, and it’s sure to complicate things.

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Tono & Co Via Pinterest

If making home decorating decisions is not your forte, reDesign Home is revealing the go-to paint colors for ceilings, walls and woodwork in the ongoing list of home builds and remodels.

But first: why is paint great? For starters, paint is an inexpensive way to transform an existing space. Second, a fresh coat of paint offers a practical means to modernizing a room, adding character and enhancing beauty while also showcasing your personality. Finally, it’s relatively easy to change. How else can you transform a space in just one day? This gives you the flexibility to modify your color palette when ready for something new.

ReDesign Home is sharing with you the go-to paint colors that will allow the character of any room to shine. Keep reading for our comprehensive list of go-to color palettes.

o For those who prefer to stick to classic basics:
 WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548
 CEILING/WOODWORK COLOR: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

– TIMLESS with a twist of TRENDY
o For the client who is attracted to the latest trends:
 WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10
 CEILING/WOODWORK COLOR: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

o This palette complements every accent color, as well as the majority of furniture/accessory choices:
 WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173
 CEILING/WOODWORK COLOR: Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008

o This peaceful color palette transforms any space into a place of zen and relaxation:
 WALL COLOR: Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008  CEILING/WOODWORK COLOR: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

When it comes to paint finishes, here is what we recommend:
– FOR WALLS: Eggshell
– FOR WOODWORK (including baseboards, crown molding, doors and frames): Satin

To keep each area visually stimulating and fluid, reDesign believes in using complementary colors palettes for the walls, ceilings and woodwork, as just summarized. But how these colors are executed is just as important as color selection. For example, when walls are painted one color, the ceiling is painted to match the crown molding and baseboard. To create a more moody, cozy atmosphere, everything can be painted in a single color with varying finishes for a very dramatic effect.

While the color wheel is exhaustive and every home project is unique, these color guidelines have consistently delivered beautiful results to a wide range of clients.

We would love to learn what other go-to color palette are inspiring many designs in homes across the world, so please, tag your photos #OnMyListRDH on Instagram by featuring your paint selection and we will post the Top 5 photos on our storyline later this week!

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